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A sexual position, in which the woman lies on her back on a table (preferably waist high) and leans her head backward off the edge. she then "opens wide" whilst the man shoves his raging red devil erection into her blowhole. the man should thrust as if having rough sex. Voila!. the Headbanger

WARNING:Male scrotum CAN cause severe damage to the womans face whilst it slaps her in the EYES!
Doctor (to lusty patient): lie on this table and tilt your head back over the edge while i examine your throat.

Woman (proceeds to do so)

Doctor:open say ahhh

Woman: ahh...AHHHGHGHooglahb



doctor: that'll be €300 please
by $P@C€R 54 May 18, 2009
21 51
A rock or metal musician or one who is a fan of rock/metal music.
There where hundreds of headbangers at Ozzfest.
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
225 54
A guy who listens to heavy metal while vigorously nodding his head up and down. Ideally throwing his long hair back and forth for added effect. dirt head, metal head
Dude, those head bangers are going to give themselves brain damage bangin to that speed metal.
by lizajane May 02, 2005
191 35
A HeadBanger is a person who is a fan of alternative/heavy metal/death wave/indie etc. When listening to such music their head moves up, and down to mimic the beat.

Usually wants to be a non-conformist; Not following the "herd".
Wow, that headbanger sure looks different.
by DumbDung April 19, 2006
161 75
one who listens to metal music
normally weargs baggy jeans and a band t shirt ofter have long hair
the head bangers beat down the mopey goths
by MyKE December 01, 2003
121 90
Headbanger- One who bangs the head in a rockhardy, or cool, fashion while listening to rock music.
Me: Alrite, were headbanging to the next song!
Other: yay
by max March 11, 2005
32 11
a person involved in the activity of headbanging.

Generaly identifyed with Rock or Metal music.
Iron maiden concert is a Headbangers ball man!! you should come..
by nemisis4u June 01, 2011
11 2
A homosexual gang, they mostly hang out at a gay-bar. Some found in California, Louisiana;Gay Gang bangers.
Dem gay ass dick headbangers
by MR UNstopable March 18, 2011
1 20