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A male prostitute, gigalo, a man who has sex compulsively.
Despite his recent marriage, John still finds it neccessary to be a Hehoe on the weekends...
by 7citiesChic77 January 05, 2006
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A loose man of easy virtue and no underwear. Indulges regularly with random men/women. A he-hoe is not picky
Chris is such a he-hoe that he no longer feels the need to wear pants at all, and is a bloody man whore too
A male whore; a man who is promiscuous or represents himself in a whorish manner.
"He slept with two different girls yesterday. He ain't nothin' but a he hoe."
by Keke D August 21, 2008
A male who is promiscuous in nature and has many bed mates. A male whore, but not for cash. A Man Slut.
"Girl, you betta watch out with that He Hoe!" "He been with so many Hoosies, he may have the Clap!"
by MinDiddy September 26, 2008

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