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A male prostitute, gigalo, a man who has sex compulsively.
Despite his recent marriage, John still finds it neccessary to be a Hehoe on the weekends...
by 7citiesChic77 January 05, 2006
A young male who excessively and compulsively masturbates. See also, teenage Male Harry Potter Fans...
The FrictionWizard club has their own table in the high school cafeteria, where they fantasize about Hermione Granger.
by 7citiesChic77 January 05, 2006
A person that has an obscene amount of "buddies" (more specifically of the opposite sex) on sites such as Myspace, Facebook or any type of instant message vehicle. Gender unspecific.
When Mike isn't at a club or party, he spends his life being a SPACEHO online.
by 7citiesChic77 January 05, 2006
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