1. A greeting commonly known as "hello" or "hey".

2. Can also be used (at the same time) to mean "How Are You?"

To use both at the same time the other person must be familiar with the term else the conversation will go to pot.
MIMI: hay!
JAZ: I'm sweet thanks! hay?
MIMI: I'm cool.
JAZ: don't you just think "hay" is so much
easier than using ...how are you...
MIMI: yer totally, whoever says "how are you"
must be some kinda dork.
JAZ: I agree.
JAZ: yer ...see you later...
MIMI: ok this is going too far...
by Mia34738 January 08, 2008
pernounced Haaaaaeeey. Joke being, "what do gay horses eat?" Haaaaeeey.
Haaaaaeeey... love your hair. Hope it wins.
by TWade July 29, 2005
is for horses
Hay, just cause im bored and baked at school :)
by -Jason Super Fly- March 11, 2009
wat horses eat dumb ass not the hello form
hay is for horses

hey is for people
by fat c*ck August 12, 2009
Refers to a person who excels at one or more of the following: 1. drinking beers, and lots of them 2. being a generally sweet dude 3. rocking out in any situtation with total disregard to bystanders' feelings, family, or friends
Woah, look at that guy. He's rocking out and he must have had at least 19 beers. He's a sweet dude. He must be a Hay.
by The Dude April 06, 2005
A (usually) red headed demon child that drives you insane and often gives you trouble.
You make me so mad! You're such a Hays!
by Anau October 23, 2009
A common word used for 'Bitch' while in front on company.
#1 Hey dude, did you see that hay?

#2 Yus!
by LizzMiles June 17, 2007

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