An acronym for "How Are You"
Danny: hey babes :D
Danny:sooo, h.a.y.
Paige:am good , you?
Danny: Fine =]
by Paige <loves Danny> June 03, 2009
1.misspelling of hey
2.short for how are you
3.The stuff that's in a cart that you jump into from a tower or something.
Jump into hay all the time after synchronizing a view point, it has nice vitamins and minerals.
by GameGal101 May 09, 2009
The intellegent, grammatically correct form of hru. stands for 'How Are You' used in internet conversations for literate people.
-Emma: Hey! Hay?

-Georgia: wtf is hay?

-Emma: Hay='How Are You?'

-Georgia: wtf...
by nerdlet4life April 21, 2010
A variation of the word "hey." Can be used as a greeting, usually with the syllable drawn out while simultaneously rising and falling in inflection, as illustrated below in Example 1.

Can also be used as an expression of enthusiastic agreement in a conversation, as demonstrated below in Example 2.

One theory suggests that this variation of "hey" was popularized by the character of Dwayne (portrayed by Haywood Nelson) in the sitcom "What's Happenin'," although Dwayne's usage was three "hays" with shortened syllables, with the inflection on the middle "hay," as shown in Example 3 below.
Example 1:


Example 2:

Person #1: "It sure is hot today!"
Person #2: "HaAAAAAay!"

Example 3:

"Hay HAY hay!"
by Joey Baggadonuts July 21, 2006
A new word being used on AIM "Hay" meaning "Hey" also being an acronym for "How are you?" So all in all it means "Hey how are you?"
snowboarderb420 : Hay
P8ntBal2Xtreme : Good , u ?
by Penguin Izzle February 27, 2008
1. A greeting commonly known as "hello" or "hey".

2. Can also be used (at the same time) to mean "How Are You?"

To use both at the same time the other person must be familiar with the term else the conversation will go to pot.
MIMI: hay!
JAZ: I'm sweet thanks! hay?
MIMI: I'm cool.
JAZ: don't you just think "hay" is so much
easier than using are you...
MIMI: yer totally, whoever says "how are you"
must be some kinda dork.
JAZ: I agree.
JAZ: yer ...see you later...
MIMI: ok this is going too far...
by Mia34738 January 08, 2008
combines, 'hey' and 'How Are You'
quick way of writing it.
Mia: Hay!
Jaz: I'm good, hay?
Mia: great thanks!
by Jaz144441 January 08, 2008

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