When someone says somthing they should of been embaressed to say.
Saying of this makes the person think whoops why did i say that.
Often followed by a sarcastic thumbs up.
pronounced anywhere from hay - hiiiiiii
Natalie : My boyfriend is a goth i think he is soo cool

by almighty josho May 20, 2005
If female, means extremely slutty with an oral fixation. If male, means a huge nerd, lightweight, who is possibly homosexual.
Mrs. Hay came over last night and smoked the hell out of my pole. OR Hay is at home playing video games while hanging out w/ his female friends, then passing out after 3 beers.
by Amanda February 17, 2005
(n.) An abbreviated version of the word Halo, used when referring to the game Halo, and never under any circumstances to Halo 2.
Luke: Let's play hay!
Pete: I want may!
John: Hey, I'm gay!
by Tim - EOE May 22, 2006
smelly stuff that horses eat that attracts lots of rats.
When i went down to the barn yesterday there was like six rats in templar's hay. It was nasty. I hope he doesn't get sick.
by Kate Templar July 26, 2005
a very fit boy and i luv him bummin me all night long his soft skin agenst me turns me on n i luv his curly locks hes the best catch eva and no 1 can take him away
hays: hey hun
me: omg i luv u so much
hays: come on baby give me luvin ;)
me: sure!!
by racheal December 09, 2004

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