Marijuana that is old or has a lot of shake, or just some bap ass weed. At least thats how we say in Florida.
"Yo dont by trees from that nigga DaJuan, that nigga be servin that hay dog straight up."
by WeedMan March 08, 2004
An acronym for "How Are You"
Danny: hey babes :D
Danny:sooo, h.a.y.
Paige:am good , you?
Danny: Fine =]
by Paige <loves Danny> June 03, 2009
A variation of the word "hey." Can be used as a greeting, usually with the syllable drawn out while simultaneously rising and falling in inflection, as illustrated below in Example 1.

Can also be used as an expression of enthusiastic agreement in a conversation, as demonstrated below in Example 2.

One theory suggests that this variation of "hey" was popularized by the character of Dwayne (portrayed by Haywood Nelson) in the sitcom "What's Happenin'," although Dwayne's usage was three "hays" with shortened syllables, with the inflection on the middle "hay," as shown in Example 3 below.
Example 1:


Example 2:

Person #1: "It sure is hot today!"
Person #2: "HaAAAAAay!"

Example 3:

"Hay HAY hay!"
by Joey Baggadonuts July 21, 2006
Nickname for any valuable "resource" (money, expensive food/gifts, gasoline to give her rides where she wants to go, hot and/or arduous mechanical/carpentry work, patient endurance of boring/cutesy "girl stuff", etc.) that a naive "dairy farmer" (mushy-hearted guy with raging hormones) "feeds" to his "cow" (an attractive girl whom he hopes to win over) in an effort to please/satisfy her so that hopefully she'll feel enough favorably disposed towards him to "allow him to milk her" (spread her legs for him) sometime later. May or may not be successful, depending on how “loose” the chick in question is, or how much she respects the guy’s feelings or truly appreciates/values his caring efforts to help her out.
Stud #1: Yo! Why the long face, dude? I take it you didn't "get to 4th base" with Tiffany?
Stud #2: Nope! And I fed her a whole BALE of hay, too --- worked my butt off for three hours straight in the scorchin' sun to get her car road-ready again, and burned up three of my brand-new DeWalt cut-off blades in the process --- but then afterwards she claimed to have suddenly "got religion" and wouldn't "give me any milk", even though she'd promised she would if I'd fix her car.
by QuacksO August 31, 2013
The intellegent, grammatically correct form of hru. stands for 'How Are You' used in internet conversations for literate people.
-Emma: Hey! Hay?

-Georgia: wtf is hay?

-Emma: Hay='How Are You?'

-Georgia: wtf...
by nerdlet4life April 21, 2010
A new word being used on AIM "Hay" meaning "Hey" also being an acronym for "How are you?" So all in all it means "Hey how are you?"
snowboarderb420 : Hay
P8ntBal2Xtreme : Good , u ?
by Penguin Izzle February 27, 2008
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