v. To hack.
n. One who hacks.

haxorz, haxored
That haxor haxored the database!
by 3_Rats March 26, 2003
A noun that relates to cheating/hacking.
Me: "Man that was haxors, I know that move is impossible to do."
by John Noogin January 28, 2003
A haxor is slang for hacker, which no real hacker ever dares call himself, because what they do is consider illegal, which they find odd. People that hack games are the wannabee hackers, so they call themselves haxors, real hackers rarely speak in 1337, only using it to make fun of others using it, because it's so stupid. Most hackers type so damn fast it doesn't matter anyway. True haxors have much more important things to do than crack games like CS, and listen to complaints from noobs that get their asses kicked. Most of the time, their busy cracking passwords, such as Mitnick, idolized amongst the hackers out there.

So, if your a fag calling yourself a haxor, stfu you pansy.
CSN00b420:Dud3 I'm 50 1337 47 7h15 64m3.
RealHacker:Stfu you loser, you suck at this game
*a couple minutes later*
CSNOOb420:hey, why is windows messing up on me?
by SS_MilesPrower July 29, 2004
A person in any online game that pisses people off by kicking their asses with cheating soft wares and other bull shit.

2: I met a haxor, and he raped my team, so I ate his children.
by Stubborndrek123 October 24, 2008
haxor is a internet term used in the both serious and light heated way, it is used seriously by people reffering to a hacker in a insulting or praising way depending on the context.
lighthearted is often used in online games by people who witness a successful hack or a simple glitcher(breaking a set boundary in a game by doing something simple)and are either annoyed or happy in their doings.

haxor has many LEETSPEAK alternatives.
Serious angry- "WTF are you doing you haxor, get out this system!"
Serious happy- "OMG you didnt hack your way onto here, did you?"

Lighthearted- "OMG stop wall hacking u noob, you cant win if you dont!"
by daws09 February 17, 2009
1. Haxor (Corruption of 'hacker,': Someone who uses h4x (hacks) or macros to defeat people at wizard duels in online games and generally across cyberspace. Usually someone who posesses real-life sorceror abilities and augments them with database/server hacking skillz. See also: Deadly criminal.

2. Haxor: Dark Wizard

Note: Both of the above can be d3feated by consuming Keystone Light, which disrupts high-tech internet hacking effectiveness and shows goths for what they really are; Germans.

3. Haxor: Target of cyb3rcrime detectives who can see through their leet-speak deceptions, often engages in homosexuality.

1. "Mn I pwn u cuz I Haxor && I hav ur p@ssword noW,"

2. "While chatting on AIM, Steve was assaulted by a dark cult of Haxors."

3. "I swear it V0ld3moRt2007, I am a cyb3rcrimes detective and I will reveal you to be an 3v1L Haxor."
by pwn007xpwn August 24, 2007
1: Someone that disrespects other more knowledgable hacker's programs by calling them their own.
2: People that sometimes abuse the power and knowledge that was shared to them by superior hackers in an effort to gain some sort of pathetic status among teenagers.
SomeDood:I am a L33t h@x0r! I just crashed your aim window!
Otherguy:So...windows already does that for me.

Somedude:Bow down to my superior haxoring!
Girl:wow that iz so kool! I luv u!
by Chris January 17, 2004

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