A noob, newbie, n00b. One who claims to be a hacker or to have hacked into someones system using a trojan. (See also Lamer)
I am teh 1337 haxor
im gonna haxor you
by satan December 27, 2003
The bastardization of the word Hacker.

Someone who has does not understand the inner workings of a computer but knows how to download software that is used to attack and destroy or be used in a malicous nature. Most real hackers have gone through this phase, thinking they are "all powerful" because they can download someone else's tools to cause damage. When in reality the true art of a Hacker is to create said tools in attempt to find flaws and fix them in software and hardware.

See script kiddy
Hacker: wow, look at this newb.
H4x0r: ph33r my 1337n355!

H4x0r has been killed by Hacker (Teardrop doesn't work on me: Come back when you've learned something.)
by Gavin December 14, 2003
Stupid way to say hacker
n00b: "HAXOR HAXOR!!!!!!111oneoneelven"
by NoEffEks October 29, 2003
One who uses leet and/or hacks into people's computers. Known for their abandonment of proper spelling and grammar.
Haxors are destroying the English language as we speak!
by Shawn B. May 16, 2003
-also can be spelled haxxor, hax0r, haxxxxx0r, or a variation thereof

-a person who hacks
-a person who cheats
-a person with downloadable gaming skills
that dipshit is a haxor
by asdf May 13, 2003
n. cheater on on-line games or a computer hacker(can be used with 1337)
OMG! taht Guy is 1337 h4x0r!!111
by bob saget January 15, 2003
a hacker that hacks games and they get calledd haxor its kind of a name for hacker
You n00b haxor uninstall the game n00b haha*snort*haha
by stocksting September 13, 2009

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