One who uses leet and/or hacks into people's computers. Known for their abandonment of proper spelling and grammar.
Haxors are destroying the English language as we speak!
by Shawn B. May 16, 2003
-also can be spelled haxxor, hax0r, haxxxxx0r, or a variation thereof

-a person who hacks
-a person who cheats
-a person with downloadable gaming skills
that dipshit is a haxor
by asdf May 13, 2003
n. cheater on on-line games or a computer hacker(can be used with 1337)
OMG! taht Guy is 1337 h4x0r!!111
by bob saget January 15, 2003
a hacker that hacks games and they get calledd haxor its kind of a name for hacker
You n00b haxor uninstall the game n00b haha*snort*haha
by stocksting September 13, 2009
What new players call you if you have any talent at all in Counter-Strike.
Aww man he fucking awped me from across the map in a very realistic shot that I refuse to accept because I hate losing. This guy must be a haxor.
by Plvltr765 June 17, 2005
Someone who cheats(Usually with cheat codes)in an online game
That haxor!!!!1! i know you have god enabled im not retarded you haxor!
-Anonymous quote from Rainbow Six 3- Raven Shield
by Patrick February 03, 2005
to be figjam
man you really pulled out some figjam styles there!
by bridge January 06, 2004

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