N 1. Hax0r; To hax0r ones boxen
N 2. Hax0r; To hate microsoft
<penfold> I bet I can count the linux zealots here.
<zepix> stfu bill gates, am hax j00
<erag> linux pwns !
<penfold> 2 zealots, 1 hax0r. Thank you for your time. Real hax0rs love anally raping your horrible security model =)
by penfold December 09, 2003
Apparently anyone who plays on the VG server long enough.
We seem to all be "haxorz!"
n00b: you VGer's are all haxors! I'm leaving!
by Zeke May 08, 2003
A saw used to cut metal
We are making candle holders with haxors (hack saws)

Miss: Today we will be making your designs.
Nerd: What will we be be using
Miss: Hack Saw
Nerd: Awesome (hums digimon tune)

Nerds Final Evaluation

What did you use??

a H4XX0R
by BrionyBlackRosee September 22, 2008
A poser hackor that most likely uses a Windows OS computer and thinks by cheating at games he is somehow eleet. Everyone knows a real hacker uses Macintosh/Apple computers.
yer a dumb noob, i am a kewl haxor.
(ie I use AOL and Windows)
by NNY July 28, 2004
haXorRaziel ;P meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh
teh haXor meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh BLEH.
by Raziel April 01, 2005

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