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A mix between a Beyonce and an Alicia Keys, Havyne's are the center of attention and life of the party. The have big dreams and a big booty to match. They are the best dancers and the funniest people. Sometimes Havyne's are hated on but its only because they are soo awesome. The awesomeness of Havyne's rub off onto their friends so they always have awesome friends.
Person A: Whose that girl dancing on the dance floor, she's looking good.
Person B: That must be a Havyne, did you see that booty?
by MzBabyPhat February 05, 2010
A bad ass bitch.
Guy 1: Duuuuuuude. Don't mess with Havyne.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: She is one bad ass bitch.
by OneCoolGuy2 February 07, 2010
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