What you do when it's too damn cold for the outdoors. Any hatchback provides plenty of space for you and you're friend(s). Great for transporting illegals over the border too.
Ford Foci work best.
Its too cold to eat outside. Let's all go hatchbacking in Sergio's Focus.
by DrAnalrapist May 21, 2011
Very similar to tailgating where one or more people drink and/or make food in a parking lot before sporting or other large events, (usually football games or concerts) but the gathering's specifically held behind a hatchback vehicle which contains a pullout cooking apparatus (grill, hot plate, etc.).
We were tailgating before the game but since it was behind John's 2011 Kia Sportage with the pullout hatchback grill option, we were technically hatchbacking!
by natedogg43434 January 28, 2011

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