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An appropriately mocking response to single men when they complain about not being able to find their ideal mate. Originated from the game Super Mario Bros. when at the end of every world save the last one Mario would be greeted by a mushroom man who would inform him "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" And when he does finally find the Princess she just sends him out to do it all over again with more difficult challenges. Represents the futility of the search for a mate in a humorous way to which the children of the 80's can easily relate.
Single guy: So I spent another Valentine's day alone at the bar, I hate my life sometimes. Where am I suppose to find a sane girlfriend?

His not single friend: But our princess is in another castle.
by Boss79 February 16, 2009
A term applied to small station wagons to help make them more appealing to the masses, 5-door is a popular alternative. First arriving in America in the 1970's this style car became popular with motorists looking for inexpensive fuel efficient cars during the 70's gas shortages. This lead to a perception of hatchbacks as cheap and the drivers of hatchbacks as being to poor to afford a real car.
"Son I thought you just got a great new job, why did you buy a Yaris?"

"Because I like the hatchback look Dad."
by Boss79 November 27, 2007
The infamous group of friends who use to dominate trivia nights at the bars in Binghamton New York. Most commonly they would show up weekly at Edigan's (now closed and reopened under a new name) hoot, hollar, shout their team name and make all kinds of crazy noise when they got questions right or their score tally was announced (even if it was a low score). Also refering to themselves as the crew many of them were old friends from high school and they were once featured in the local newspaper for their originality.
DJ Thad: Coming in first place, the Nuts of Justice!
Nuts: Nuts of Justice! Yea! Wooo! Go Nuts!
by Boss79 January 31, 2008
A hatchback subcompact car offered by Honda that has become very popular with gay men in America. This can largely be attributed to the advertising campaign "the fit is go" which featured still images of the car rotating around with rainbow backgrounds, bad 80's-style techno music and what sounds like a talking computer for an announcer. Some believe Honda purposefully targetted this audience for the vehicle.
Girl 1: Look at that guy, he must go to the gym a lot to stay that hot.
Girl 2: Yea but he's driving a Honda Fit.
Girl 1: Why are all the pretty men gay!?!
by Boss79 November 27, 2007

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