Harry - a very attractive guy who will make you feel like you're the only one for him.

But in reality, he is a spiteful, backstabbing and heartless guy.

He doesn't treat a girl right. He will make you feel like you were in the wrong. He pretends to like you and calls you 'the type'. Furthermore he will manipulate you.
Girl 1: Did you go out with Harry?
Girl 2: Yeah, about two years ago. He was 15 and I was 13.
Girl 1: I did as well! he was the worst.
Girl 2: I know right!
by shewhowillnotbenamed March 06, 2011
One who is a compulsive liar, he often fabricates absurd stories on the spot. At first entertaining, after some time, annoying.
"Yeah., I'm sure you went rock climbing off the coast of St. Bard's with spider monkeys. Seriously dude, don't pull a Harry"
by )bzen0 November 10, 2009
someone that you want to make out with
girl 1: There's Harry

girl 2: I'll be back in a sec......

(few moments later)
girl 2: i'm back
girl 1: What happened?
girl 2: Oh he was great.
by someone12313453142145315 March 30, 2011
Someone at the very bottom of the friend hierarchy among a group of friends or people. Most commonly blamed for every and anything, even if this person had nothing to do with it.
Fucking Harry!
by Overd0s September 21, 2011
Harry is a guy who is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, around his friends he is so open but inside they are shy, he is not the best but not the worst either, he will cheer you up when your down and he has the best sense of humour
by Hazzahdj May 18, 2014
a sweet guy, that is easily whipped by girls. he will do anything for this said girl, in a chance that he might get laid, this usually doesn't happen. so, he remains a virgin throughout his teenage years.
Aw god that guy is such a harry.
by truthteller24 October 10, 2010
A person who sits in a skype call and says absolutely nothing and listens to other people talking
"I think there's a Harry in our call"
by bubodiui January 15, 2015

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