Man who sits in the corner wearing a party hat, and blow his party hooter at the Joy of Teen Sex.

A womanizer who passes out on his prey post-coitus.

(W)anchorman in NHS drinking game.

Hobbies: Rubbing his member on cans of beer, Hockey - leading to chundering in bin bags, Sex with many (presumably) women.
Yeah, he's definitely a Harry. Quick, turn on Joy of Teen Sex!
by hughparrylovescock2011 February 07, 2011
a slang for horse, heroin, junk, smack or whatever you call it.
heroin addict 1: lets bring some harry to that party
heroin addict 2: sure!
by Leathery October 26, 2013
"harry is a fag"
by awesimesauseftw December 22, 2011
Australian slang ;
1. Meaning to go crazy over something little.
2. To be violent or angry
3. To think your all big and swing arms in fights.
Ex. 1

Person A. "You see greg fight other day ? "
Person B. "Oh yehh he went harry on him aye "

Ex. 2
Person A. " Oi shut yahh effinn mouthh "
Person B. " Haha look he's goin harry aye "
Person C. " Hahaha ayee "
by BellyFlops November 05, 2009
an inappropriate t-shirt.
Oh my gosh I love your harry!
by haahahahhahahahaha December 08, 2010
to harry is the act of vomiting after having too much alcohol and then crying inconsolably for the rest of the night for no apparent reason
dude, whys he sitting in the corner on his own?
oh hes harrying, just ignore him
by maaaatt February 09, 2009
Shortened form of the cockney rhyming slang term: Harry Munk. It stands for the inevitable by-product of the wanking process.
"I pulled a bird down the battle-cruiser, went back to her gaf, sat her down, pulled one out and covered her boatrace in harry."

"She had harry all over her boat."

Etcetera, etcetera.
by How's yer father? February 21, 2006

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