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an amazing type of punk music, like the misfits. unfortunately chavs have come to believe that hardcore is CRAP STUFF LIKE 50 CENT!
chav: what ya listening to ya f**king mosha?
cool person like punk or emo: hardcore
chav:oooooooh u iz chav cos u iz liking hardcore innit
cool person: umm, its a type of punk
chav: what ya on mosha? its blingin stuff like 50cent innit
cool person: no, im listening to misfits, HARDCORE!
chav: *runs away in fear*
by revive-real-punk May 31, 2007
a pop rock singer who claims to be punk

i dont like her personly

however, someone who likes her may not be a poser, only if they claim to be punk by listening to her
four people in a park: avril listener called linda, poser called jordan, guy who accuses people of being poser called hans, and a true punk called johnny-sid

hans: wat ya listening to guys?
johnny-sid: ramones
hans: woo u cool guy!
jordan: good charlotte!
hans: kool
linda: avril lavigne!
hans: haha you f*cking poser! u try to be punk by listening to avril! haha
linda: actually i want to be myself, not punk! i listen to her because i like her! jordan is a poser now!
jordan: wtf? just cos i is listening to good charlotte? they is well punk innit, just like me!
johnny-sid: no, listen to some real punk you loser! like the clash!
jordan: who the hell?
johnny-sid: just get over it, linda is not a punk, she dosent try to be punk! i respect that! but you jordan try too hard. so u and hans can go off to claires accessories!
*they walk off ashamed*
linda: cheers dude
johnny-sid: its fine, at least u dont try to be punk! ur urself and i like it!

ze end
i just made that story up, but it could be real!

by revive-real-punk May 31, 2007

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