A hansel is a term used for 'spy builds' where a kingdom consists of only spy builds with an exception of one or two attack buildings. This term is used in Kingdoms at War, a multi-platform browser game.
Nerd #1: zomg, some hansel totally stole a bunch of gold from me :(
Nerd #2: roflmao! he totally pwnd you!
by Vilendor February 12, 2012
(verb) To Eat ice cream (preferably chocolate) and watch romantic comedies, soap operas, talk shows, or any other show of the sort, While being depressed and thinking of how nobody likes you.
Hey dude i pulled a Hansel yesterday because my guitar was stolen by a ninja disguised as a lawn gnome.
by Hansel Duarte November 08, 2007
1. retard
2. spazz
3. mentally challenged
4. acting stupid - no common sense (effectively above)

Origin of word : Scotland, A77 (motorway)

Derived from Hansel Village which is a camp for the mentally challenged of which the the camp is strategically placed beside the motorway so that escaping 'hansels' are either killed or incapacitated by motor vehicles thus stopping them from getting into the outside world.

Noun: a Hansel
Verb: Hanselling
Adjective: Hansellish
Abbreviation: Hans, Lance
Its raining in Hansel Village:

Gregor: Look its raining
Simon: Well done Hansel
by Get a grip hansel August 14, 2008
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