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Meaning money, dosh, cash, dough, readies, paper, coinage etc

Strange because nobody heard it until it was on TV.
Popularised in 2009 by some random dude on the Envirfone advert. Where you send them your old phone for WONGA!
You can get £50, £100 or maybe even £150!
which helps the environment but doesnt explain how...
-"Got an old mobile phone?"

- "Ancient! So last year!"

-"Want some money for it?"


"Fifty pounds!

A hundred pounds!


by Iliketurtleskid December 10, 2009
The genre of most modern music, trying to be electronica and FAILING.

Enter Fauxtronica!
Dave: "Have you heard the new Black Eyed Peas song?"
Jim: "Rock your body?"
Dave: "Yeah, did you like it?"
Jim: "NO ITS SHIT! it tries to be electronica and fails, I call this sort of music Fauxtronica"
by Iliketurtleskid March 05, 2010
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