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Rhymes with sanitized. A benevolent and enjoyable form of brainwashing resulting from watching Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel or listening on the radio.
Just listen to Sean Hannity on WFLL a few times and you'll be Hannitized.
by South Florida Radio Pages February 12, 2004
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V. To Hannitize...
- Bringing around a change towards conservatism.

- to indoctrinate someon to the conservative way of thinking

To be Hannitized
We spent some time with our relatives and Hannitzed them. They are now voting Republican!
by Dashing Dasher December 24, 2004
(verb) To clean up a messy situation with a softball interview, typically conducted by Sean Hannity.
Palin got hannitized after she insighted violence. It happened to be an exclusive interview.
by Weigal January 16, 2011
The act of indoctrination into a sub-set of Americans known for their unbendable belief system, lack of understanding, distaste for tolerance, blind loyalty, and abundance of ignorance.
Example 1:
Susan "Can you believe Jeff said something so stupid?"
Russell "I know, he was "Hannitized".

Example 2:
Nancy "I cannot understand why Neal believes every bit of propaganda spun from the current presidential administration."
Stefan "I know, has he not been to the Tuskeegee Museum to see the evidence of what those people had been exposed to by there our own government? He must have been "Hannitized".
by Stefan Attaway May 26, 2006

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