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Verb: Result of listening to and agreeing with AM radio talk show host Sean Hannity resulting in a conversion from Liberal to Conservative views.
It's a wonder Alan Colmes hasn't been Hannitized.
by DinsdalePiranha October 17, 2003
To be "deputized" as a listener to Sean Hannity. Usually the person is of a conservative mindset, leaning towards less government and more involvement of the private sector. It is a bit like when forming a posse, the local marshal would deputize civilians.
At the freedom concert Hannity called me up on stage to be Hannitized.
by TCW373 August 17, 2007
To remove the truth from a news story as commonly done by Fox "News" anchor Sean Hannity. Frequently, this results in unfair spinning of the truth in favor of the right wing media propoganda machine which is merely a puppet of George Bush and his neocon thugs.
If left unfettered, Sean Hannity will hannitize us all into mindless right-leaning robots.
by Neocon killer November 02, 2004
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