To not hear what just went on to be in the wrong place and asked to leave and respond Hanh? to be confused and respond hanh?
"josh get out of here." "Hanh? cant hear you"

"do you know the sqaure root to 10039572" "Hanh?"
by Ron Ernst January 15, 2008
pronounced (h ah nh) but barely pronouncing the n. (vowel sounds like Don)

derived from the word 'huh'...meaning 'excuse me?', 'pardon', or 'what?'.
'shanya, how much do the bus into the city cost'

(shayna, not fully hearing what sareeta said responds...)

by TrustyPete May 07, 2008
a hanh is usually a midget slut which can be located in canley heights area. sometimes referred to as OG hanh because she thinks she's gangster hanging with old grandmas. Shes a full time ganga and offers full service at the cost of one drink and occasionally gives blowjobs out for free. Can often be seen drunk sleeping in the park or random alcoholic fuelled parties. She has no shame and talks so much shit that her ass gets jealous of her mouth
guy 1: oh look its a hanh
guy 2: dude thats OG hanh don't fuck around. long tao 2166
by singwahl3ader December 26, 2010

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