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A strip of skin at on either side of a fingernail people pick at. Hangnails are extremly painful, and very addicting. It's a habbit for some to pick at hangnails until the strip of skin has come off, and start a new one after they're finished bleeding.
During dinner Margo's thumb started bleeding all over the place because she just kept picking at her hangnail.
by LaLaLaLexi August 14, 2006
A punk band from Kenosha Michigan. It was created when the members were but eight years old. It was then called Say What. They released three albums, Hangnail, Facing Changes, and Transparent before breaking up in 2003. The released two Eps, The Acoustic EP and Hangnail, which are both very rare.
Sean: My favorite band is Hangnail!
Ben: Who the hell are they?
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
someone who clings to you and is very abrasive, bothersome, and awkward.
That Dale kid is such a hang-nail, hes always on my dick swinging to and fro.
by Auneeezy November 01, 2005
Verb & noun: to hang out with your significant other or friend-with-benefits, ultimately resulting in sexual activity.

Distinguished from "booty call" in that booty calls are for the specific and limited purpose of hooking up. Hangnails involve hanging out and THEN nailing.
Guy 1: Hey, what you been up to the last few days?

Guy 2: Well, I've mostly been hangnailing with Stacey. We've pretty much beaten all of the Mario Kart grand prix...and used up my condoms.
by DubiousDesigns April 11, 2010
A car accident wherein a driver committing a hanging left trailer is struck by a driver traveling through the same intersection legally. Common in Los Angeles.
She totaled her new car in a hangnail with a truck at LaBrea and Melrose.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 02, 2009
A dried piece of semen loosly attached to the end of your penis. Mainly affects Homeless or lazy people. painfull and can cause anurism.
Got a hangnail from this chick last night. it hurts.
by Fartmastergreg October 30, 2007
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