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12 definitions by beverlyfreakinwhite

verb. To exploit or pervert innocence, bringing about its destruction.
Don't jonbenet a perfectly good hamster by putting it up your ass.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 02, 2009
13 7
(noun) A gay person who flouts the rules and customs of the gay community. A homosexual outlaw.
Todd's openly gay, but he lives in Anaheim, drives a truck and plays hockey - he's a total renegay.
by beverlyfreakinwhite June 13, 2009
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A person who discusses their twitting frequently and enthusiastically, causing irritation.
Person A: Did you read my tweets this morning? They were so funny!

Person B: Get lost, nitwitter.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 02, 2009
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Method of waiting within an intersection until the traffic light turns red to make a left turn. Very common in Los Angeles, where there are no left turn signals and often no breaks in oncoming traffic. Apparently legal by necessity in some areas.
Tourist drivers frequently don't understand the LA hanging left, and will sometimes wait through several cycles before making a left turn, often prompting honking and road rage.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 02, 2009
3 1
Condition of life after one has created and then deleted a facebook account.
After going post-post-facebook, you will be able to re-forget dozens of high school acquaintances.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 02, 2009
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Situation critical.
Brian is sitcrit, and we need to find him a bathroom immediately.
by beverlyfreakinwhite June 27, 2009
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(verb) Sending repeated and annoying instant messages to someone via BlackBerry text message.
I gave this dumb twat my bb pin the other night, and she's been blackbugging me ever since.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 07, 2009
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