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12 definitions by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey

The Foo Fighters 7th album. And their best. It has few slow songs, and all of the songs are very fast and awesome. The two hit singles are Rope and Back and Forth. Here's the track listing...
1) Bridge Burning
2) Rope
3) Dear Rosemary (featuring Krist Novelic from Nirvana)
4) White Limo
5) Arlandria
6) These Days
7) Back and Forth
8) A Matter of Time
9) Miss the Misery
10) I Should Have Known
11) Walk
Sean: This music is AWESOME!!! What album is it?
Sean: Wasting Light
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
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The crueslest, most sadistic crime against humanity. Especially when that same officer wins Policeman Of the Year
Drake: Did you hear about the kid who was killed? By the NYPD? Talk about police brutality.
Evan: Yeah! It's really sad. The officer one policeman of the year...
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
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A town in MA, pretty boring. No stores, just creepy stalking old men and pissed off kids.
Sean: I live in Topsfield
Evan: I live in Medford
Sean: Oh really?
Evan: Yeah
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey June 26, 2011
25 16
One who likes Urban Dictionary and looks up the terms they put on just to see it online and do thumbs up.
Sean: Haha my new word got 65,000 thumbs up!
Evan: Uh... How?
Sean: Uh... I'm a UB slut
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
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An underground horror punk band. The members are Evan Poe, John Traveras, Sean Burke, Max Reimont, Matt McCarthy. They also have a guest rapper, named Cahman. They have songs such as While the city Burns, Catologue of Injustice, and The Victimizer (Godheaded Mind)
Ben: This music is really.. strange
Sean: It's my band, Straight edge
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 05, 2011
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Personally, not my cup of tea. I wouldn't really call them punk, as they are more rock. I can see why people like them, but personally I don't think they're all that great. They have some good songs, but try too hard to be rebellious. Honestly sometimes I think that they are making fun of punk rock. I think they kind of try to be like Anti-Flag and Pennywise (real good punk bands) but instead it comes out sounding like pop music. That' s what it is. Pop music.
green day is an okay band.
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey July 06, 2011
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A word used to define posers, or wanna be's. For example, someone who thinks anti-prep means not being confined to one corporate clothing line. (WTF????) Someone who does not realize that they are actually a prep. Believed to have been originated in the song "Perp Itna", by Straight Edge.
Girl 1: I love The Misfits!!
Girl 2: Do you know any of their songs?
Girl 1: uh....
Girl 2: What a perp itna
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey June 26, 2011
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