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To try to suck your own dick.
He tried to hangle himself.
by J Diddy March 20, 2004
11 21
(V.) To effectively harm in a particularly viscous manner, be it mental or physical, typically resulting in humiliation.

Originating from the words hang and dangle.
1. verbal
"You look like a hoe"
"aww shoot. I'm going to get hangled."

2. mental
A man drops a dollar bill from his wallet in a store, the person behind him reaches down, scribbles "F*** YOU" on it, and then hands it back to him. The man then contemplates how hard he has been hangled.

3. physical
A young man punches the man next to him in the crotch. This man has just been hangled.
by GeromyWeil December 01, 2010
7 1
v. to climb along a ceiling using your hands.
He enjoys to hangle along the monkey bars.
by Ringwaul September 04, 2010
6 4
To both dangle and hang, simultaneously.
The damaged spider web outside my bedroom window hangled in the breeze for days.
by four_stave_score September 12, 2006
10 8
To hang and mingle at the same time.
Ryan Marks came down to hangle with the crowd after his performance, at which point I got to meet him!
by ZUES THE GOD March 07, 2014
1 0
verb. A hybrid of two words, "hang" and "handle."
I cannot hangle this traffic!
by a_h_h January 12, 2011
0 1
The act of groping. A synonym for fondling or groping. Vb. (h ane gil)
One person hangling the boobage area of another.

I want to hangle that bitch.
by CottageCheese&BrackishlySpoony November 01, 2009
4 5