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A male homosexual's anal opening; a word made from the two words "butthole" and "pussy". Used mostly as slang by afforementioned group while discusssing lascivious or trampy behaviour by other male homosexuals.
Trent swore to Declan that he was never Garon's bussy.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
A gasseous anal emission which is briefly trapped between a man's perineum and scrotum; creating a strange "bubbling" sensation and odd sound. Most often occurs when sitting while clothed; more often when wet or sweaty.
At the pool party, Eurrypitees managed to feign a beesting so that no one would notice his nasty borp.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
(peh-noo-she-uh): 1)A condition characterized by a small, bent, scarred, or otherwise malformed penis. 2)A man who has no earthly idea of how to go about pleasing another human being sexually besides himself, and may not seem to care.
1)During their lunch, Bettina told Helga that her dish of linguini reminded her of Selby's penutia. 2)Gregor's status as the local penutia had him hard-up for dates.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
One who is lowly, dirty, or nasty.
Petra was being such a rimlick that she was summarily dismissed from the Socialworker's Sensitivity workshop.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
1) One who is slovenly and slow on the uptake. 2) A calcified growth made of urine, fecal matter, mold, skin cells, vomitus, and hair which clings to the underside or edge of one's toilet bowl and/or toilet seat.
1) Ardeth was being such a rimcheese at the party that Weldon decided he'd conveniently "forget" to give her an invite to the next one. 2)The maid shrieked in horror when confronted with the stalagtite-like rimcheese on her new client's commode.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
To both dangle and hang, simultaneously.
The damaged spider web outside my bedroom window hangled in the breeze for days.
by four_stave_score September 12, 2006
A tattoo shop which is run unethically, using shoddy or unclean practices.
Glenda's visit to the local tattery gave her a nasty case of hepatitis.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004

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