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Sperm from masturbation is called hand candy. When a man/woman gives a hand job and produces "hand candy" from the penis head.
"Damn my girlfriend gave me excellent hand candy!"
"I got hand candy all over my pants."
by Jacques de O. November 25, 2009
A female (or group of females) worth retaining in mind for referral back to at a later date when it is more convenient to perform a Five-Knuckle shuffle.
'Have a look at that Hand Candy over there'
by Lodge February 11, 2004
Hand-candy is simply another word for a penis. The defining feature here being the masturbation or hand job motion that involves a grabbing action with a hand, as one would a pile of candy. Candy is also something that one might later put in their mouth, and represents the penis as a treat.
"All the girls wanted to grab a fistful of James's Hand-Candy"
by winch guy August 20, 2014
to pleasure yourself , or another in a sexual way.
1) maann i need some hand candy !
2) let me give you some hand candy baby!
by mr-cool April 24, 2009
Female breasts. The feeling of them in your hands is indescribable.
<Brill> Oh my gosh, look at those women! Boy howdy, they are corkers!
<Jazz> Oh god DAMN, you are right! Such fine hinders, and look at them gams! And the hand candy on the one in the blue is driving me krazy!!
by SeanG June 27, 2007

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