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She's perfect. Arabic name meaning kindness, in which is portrayed perfectly by this young lady. She's a beautiful girl, with a loyal hand. She's cute and cuddly, and her heart is as warm as hot chocolate. She's generous, and she's every girls enemie. All girls are devastated, all want to be her. Her kindness is to heavy to put her down. She's a true princess and she is what every man dreams of having. Her smile is indescribable. Most perfect girl out there. She's a keeper
Girl 1: look at Hanan, she's so perfect

Girl 2: love the face and body, but hate her
by Allialkof December 16, 2013
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1. Hanan is a beautiful girl that is thick a mami
2. A name given to jewish guys, usually
3. A name given to muslim girls, meaning kind.
1. Damn look at Hanan.
2. This guy's name is Hanan. he is jewish.
3. Look, her name is Hanan.
by Jorge111 January 27, 2008
a jewish dilf.
brendan: "have you seen that jewish dilf on pleasant street? he's such a hanan"
by jilf6969 April 29, 2009

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