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A female desert warrior whose temperament is neither veracious nor is it lax and whose tongue is met with precision and solace. But don't stare because her beauty captivates the soul.
Wow she's amazing. That MUST be Hannan.
by Mars Explorer January 17, 2011
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Hannan is a simply amazing person. He can always brighten up your day just by talking to you. He is extremely attractive with his eyes that change color, blonde hair, and bulky physique. Hannan has a good humor and is kind to everyone he meets even if they're mean to him. If you're dating a Hannan you should be thankful because when he loves someone he loves them with everything he is. Hannan will do anything to make you feel loved or awesome. You should be proud of yourself if you know a Hannan.
Oh my god Hannan is so awesome.
by Clarkson4762 January 20, 2015

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