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A ten dollar bill. The term is a shortened version of "Hamilton", as in Alex Hamilton, who is on the American ten dollar bill.
"Got my hoodie for a Hami

Hoodie for a Hami
Hami’s Alex Hamilton
Haters, they can’t stand me"
by TrendyRauhl August 15, 2013
Hami: Stands for Hot Asian Mama whos Irresistible
Man, see that asian b**ch right there? She's a Hami!
by PhO_YoU December 17, 2010
(pronounced "Harm-me") Hami is an alternative for hommie

Hami = hommie

Hamis/Hamiz = hommies
Yo hami what's poppin'?
by Zhest December 31, 2014
A visionary, hard working, loving, careing, and a homely kind of Guy. Looks way deep into the future, and also a very good adviser.
A short for Hamilton, also possesses a captivating meaning for a powerful man to be.
by James Ho Yong March 31, 2009
its another term for tight,off the chain, cool.
Man that club last night was hami....Those shoes u got on are hami
by Bigwun07 January 28, 2009
the way asians with thick azn accents say how many? source: jerky boys

it can mean other things too; what, wtf, dr. octopus' tentacles, hot meat, brandon, andy, andy's braces, gangster thugs, mom i want something, etc
actual jerky boys part:

chinese woman: goldei(golden) how(house) china!
jerky boy: chickety china!
chinese woman: wha??
jerky boy: chickey china?
chinese woman: wha??
jerky boy: the chinese chicken?
chinese woman: sorri no hav
jerky boy: you get a drum stick?
chinese woman: errr no golde how china no have
jerky boy: and your brain starts tickin'?
chinese woman: hami? hami you like?
by snootch87 March 07, 2005

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