A truly brilliant modern game encompassing many realistic features never before seen in a game before.Optimised for ATI cards. Wooooow i sound sad. Ah well. HALF LIFE 2 IS GR8
Kikin the Shit Outta Doom 3 in graphics,physics and plot. Geek Power!
by MadMetal January 18, 2005
1. The sign that our Lord and Savior is coming, and he favors gamers.
2. The absolute BEST... GAME... EVER...

People who hate this game are: 1. Satan 2. Lieberman 3. Satan Wanna-Be's
Half-Life 2 was the most amazing thing I have ever played. It excels at everything. Nothing can stand against it.

On an unrelated note, I need a fresh pair of undies...
IN MY OPINION...the best game ever. IN MY OPINION, it's better than Halo 2. Why you may ask? Let's list the reasons. 1. WAY better physics/graphics...2. Not nearly as many cheaters online...3. No douchebag ranking system...4. The gravity gun is just so damn cool. Now, you may say "Your only hating Halo because you suck." Not true, I'm fairly good, but I don't sit around and play it ALL DAY.
No comment at all , silly Halo...ers. I like Half-life 2 better. <Wait, that's a comment, oh well.
by Sw0rdPh1sh August 04, 2006
Set apart from other games in its AI, graphics and physics engines. At what part in Halo can you pick barrels up and slam them into the enemies, when in Pariah do the enemies retreat, try to outflank you and generally don't commit suicide, and in UT2004, is Nikata's arse really as round as alyx's?
No, none of you can truly say that Half-Life 2 is a disappointment, after all, you thought it was so good it deserved urban dictionary's attention, didn't you?
Halo: $5 (Sold Out Software)
UT 2004: £15 (PC World)
Pariah: £30 (New)

Half-Life 2: Priceless (Valve)
by ¦ Matrix ¦ July 28, 2005
The sequel to the game in which you played as some nerdy scientist with a crowbar. Now, in Half-Life 2, you're a badass nerd scientist with a crowbar. It promises revolutionary graphics, physics engine, characters, storyline and quite frankly everything else. It will be an amazing game without a doubt.
Half-Life 2 will rule.
by Mehro November 15, 2004
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