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Half life 2 is the long anticipated sequel to half life, a first person shooter video game that truly raised the bar for FPS with cinematic gameplay, From the very start of half life 2 you are pulled into an immersive world with believable and memorable characters, wonderful gameplay and a story that will leave you hooked from start to finish, Half life 2 is a work of art and even once you've finished the game it's just as fun the second time around.
You take the role of Dr Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist and the protagonist of half life.
The world has changed dramatically since the time between the first and second games; the world has been enslaved by an alien force known as the combine or the "universal union"
It takes place in an Eastern European city which is now known as city 17. Gordon’s initial task was to work with the resistance in scientific matters, but that changed as the combine launched an attack on black mesa east, a resistance base in the outskirts of city 17, launching Gordon into a fast paced adventure filled with headcrabs, buggies, striders and antlion taming.
Half life 2.
need i say more?
by Honoth March 10, 2007

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