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The most amazing person you will probably ever meet. Really good at dancing, funny, too sexy to even comprehend, just as smart as she is beautiful. Pretty pro-active with anything cool and helpful. If you don't already know a hala you should probably try and met one.
Duffy: Yo i meet this girl hala the other day.
Mowgli: Where too?
Duffy: At this sexy dance, human rights thing.
Mowgli: Sweet
by Mr.Mowgli February 23, 2010
A filipino expression of dread. Can mean "Oh no!"
Can also be used in shock or surprise, often with something negative or astounding.
"Hala, nasira yung tv!"
meaning "Oh no, the TV's broken!"
"Hala! Umuulan na!"

meaning "Oh! It's raining!"
by silent-reader October 04, 2009
A word spoken to congratulate a persons stupidity.
What's the capital of france?
by Terry Whitcomb February 24, 2005
When a person flakes on you or changes their plan after agreeing to hang out.
Me: Let's go get Pho

Person: Down!! **An Hour Later**
Person: I can't go to get pho :(
Me: you're such a Hala
by Typical_Life June 14, 2016
A word in Arabic, that is also used in Hebrew and some other Semitic languages, meaning "stop it" or "enough".
Ahmed: Dad, how long 'til we get there?
Abu-Ahmed: Halas with your questions! Be quiet now.
by PerMusicalShnookie August 08, 2013
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