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A country located in the Caribbean. It shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It has been having many problems in its economy due to its numerous ruthless and selfish dictators. It's been in a state of civil unrest for years.

It is also the first black nation to win it's independence in the Americas.
Trudy: Did you know Haiti used to be called the "Jewel of the Caribbean"?

Judy: Really? I heard that it used to be populated by the Taïno indians until the whites, spanish, and french brought African slaves into the country for sugarcane plantations.

Trudy: That is true. and ever since then, the slaves revolted with Toussaint Louverture and won their independence. I don't think those whites, spaniards, and french ever forgave them.

Judy: Oh yeah. Since then, the Haitians have been paying for their independence. They have a long way to go until they're stable.
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by Lala678 March 12, 2008
A Haitianway of saying what's happening or what's going on?
Judy: Sak pasé?
Trudy: M'ap boulé!!!

Judy: Sak pasé?
Trudy & group of friends: N'ap boulé!!!
#haitian #slang #sayings #greetings #hello
by Lala678 March 13, 2008
The hottest actor to ever play Jesus.
Trudy: Dayum!! That Jim Caviezel is some hot stuff.
Judy: yep!! He sho' is. Look at those eyes. yum
Trudy: I'm sure proud to be Christian
#jim #caviezel #jesus #the passion of the christ #mel gibson #actor #jerusalem #christianity
by Lala678 March 12, 2008
An annoying miniature human that cries at all hours of the night. No matter where you hide your things, it will find them and then destroy them.
the baby just broke my gold necklace!!!
#fetus #infant #human #baby daddy #baby mama
by Lala678 March 13, 2008
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