a truly scary, evil witch
That mean, ugly hag is a real haint.
by nice southern girl October 01, 2009
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Southern colloquialism
def., ghost, apparition, lost soul
On his way back from Mobile my friend was killed on Bloody 98, and now he's just another restless haint.
by Big C August 15, 2003
Chiefly Southern U.S. var of haunt, originally, but the meaning has since morephed to mean more than a ghost. It can also mean a scary bitch or mean person, usually a woman.
I tried to kill her with kindness, but that haint is just full up with meanness.
by Kaptain Amerika November 02, 2004
A ghost; a haunt; a spirit.
She was terrified of the haint that kept showing itself to her at midnight.
by CtotheK September 16, 2006
In West Virginia it's a ghost
It's Halloween; watch out for the boogers, witches,and haints
by elkento May 05, 2004

1. A hateful bitch.

2. A truly heinous she-devil so brutal that anachronistic and unusual colloquial slang is called for.
That haint never leaves a tip and still has a George W. Bush sticker on the back of her pink Hummer.
by Memphis Jay February 20, 2008
In western North Carolina, a haint is a ghost, a spook, but not the booger man.
It's so dark outside you can't see a haint. - from my aunt Ethel Wallace nee Lawing, born North Carolina ca. 1895
by Molehill man September 24, 2010
A contraction of have/has not. It arose in the 1800s in the American South, and it's prevalent in Mark Twain literature. It's still used some by old people and really rural people, but it's largely a dead phenomenon.
-I hain't been anywhere today.
-Hain't you got anything better to do?
by Eliott September 02, 2007

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