A contraction of have/has not. It arose in the 1800s in the American South, and it's prevalent in Mark Twain literature. It's still used some by old people and really rural people, but it's largely a dead phenomenon.
-I hain't been anywhere today.
-Hain't you got anything better to do?
by Eliott September 02, 2007
Verb, past tense.

A contraction of the words "have" and "aint", resulting in a synonym to "have not".
"I h'aint even got my lunch today".
by Jon Bron March 22, 2007
Super Hick slang for the Moderate Hick slang word, "ain't."
"I hain't done a nary thang!"
by ->!RAQDAWG!<- May 04, 2005
A ghost that haunts one's taint.
I felt an icy cold skeleton finger dragging itself across my taint; I looked down and there was a haint haunting my taint.
by Old Dirty Andrew September 03, 2010
haunt, scary, ghost, mysterious, creepy, andrewandcara
Big Old is haint, but Dutton is more haint.
by omg April 22, 2004
Old English in origin, Haint is the middle evolution from the word "havent" which eventually became word we now know as "aint"

havent= haint=aint

"but you have got two bitter swords and I haint got a knife!"
from the song, The Ballad of Mattie Groves
by Candy Muffinbaker October 14, 2006
A mixture of the colors blue and green to look like the ocean. Said to ward away spirits, especially evil ones, because they cannot cross over water. Originated in southern parts of the United States.
It ain't blue, but it ain't greens. It's just haint.
by ObnoxiouSushi September 17, 2007

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