Habbo is a waste of your life. I have realized over the 7 months playing it that it is not safe, not worth it, and a rip off. I have met alot of pretty cool people.

When i first went on habbo i didn't know what it was all about. So i would act like a 'newbie' or a 'noob' just to figure things out. I didn't go on that much. Mostly just once a week or every other week. Then i started to get addicted after earning 3 chairs. (also known as furni)
Now i look at my habbo as rich. I have alot of furni, but i have only bought 20% of it. The 80% of the furni i have earned through giveaways, games, and kind friends.

Habbohotel.com is gay, in my opinion. I go there and all i hear about is s3x. I find more scammers there, scripters, and more people!
I go on habbohotel.ca, and there are less people so that makes it less sick and more enjoyable.
HOBBAS: in my opinion need to get a life because they're wasting their time banning kids who need to grow up.
I have read through alot of definitions on here and i agree with the 7-10 year olds who can't spell, and like s3x.
I believe that maybe there are 30-50 year olds using the site acting younger.
If i were you i would get to know the person first before adding them to your friends list. (Console)
Don't go for people who ask too many personal questions, even if they are the nicest person in the world. Don't believe that its someones birthday on habbo, because they just want furni. On my habbo birthday i got 30 credits and 5 gifts.

Habbo can drop your grades, make you gain weight, make you waste YOUR spending money on for Habbo Club (HC), and buy pixelated furni that isn't even real. But then again it is fun to acutally EARN the furni instead of buying it yourself. Buying HC is sort of a waste because you only get 30 days of it, then maybe you want to buy it again another day. You do get rares everytime you get it which can make any habbo happy.

What i hate the MOST is when your friends on console send you a message saying their going to quit. And for the stupidest reasons:
-been dumped by dating some guy
-friend is mad at them
-nobody 'likes' them
-friends do not come to their room
-running out of HC
And more.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Guy: Omg your soooo hottt!
Girl: Your sooo hot too!
Guy: Asl?
Girl: *thinks* 14/f/ontario canada.
Guy: Omg! Same!
I have noticed alot of people that do asl usually copy what the other person says except just putting male/female, which is stupid.
by zesty July 12, 2005
a virtual hotel/chatroom where u can play games, make rooms + meet ppl
it sucks. Don't get hooked on it trust. u'll spend so much money on fake furniture
the most common phrases
"plzzz donate i got scammed plzzz"
"il give u credits if u give furni"
"search my name for fallin furni"
"its my bday wil u donate?"
by SaMmI* May 19, 2005
A crappy virtual with crappy graphics. Not only that the apperance sucks, but a few other things as well. For instance, you have to pay up to $50.00 dollars to buy up to 300 habbo coins that aren't real to buy crappy furni(furniture)that isn't even real! Now the people, these people will call you a n00b if you aren't HC(Habbo club). Then the people are report happy, they'll report you for nothing and last they want an e-boyfriend/e-girlfriend because they can't get one in real life. Wanna know what else? Habbo Hotel is full of pedophiles, that's right pedophiles! Then they have these people who block the pool because they think the pool has AIDS! I mean come on, the pool isn't even real it's just pixels so how can anyone catch AIDS from the internet?! Last but not least, none of the people can type, they type like crap! Habbo Hotel is the most GAYEST thing on Earth!
Habbo-dork4243: Z0MG!!!11!!!!11! 1 sp3n7 $100 f0r 600 c01nZ! 1 r1ch!!!111!!!!111

Person with a life: You're a lifeless loser that goes to Habbo Hotel...

Habbo-dork4243: 0MG u n008!1!!1 u jus7 j34l0us cuz 1 HC! 1 r3p0r7 u!1!1!1!1!1!
by xKMROXx April 30, 2007
an evil game; a game which you must play and get all your courses fail =]
Habbo Hotel is fucking my school work up.
by Poopy Pear May 02, 2005
A stupid dumb virtual game which oyu have to pay money to get virtual furni. It is addicting u cant stop buying virtual furniture trust me ive' wasted over $500 on this virtual game it sucks the life right out of you .
kid-starts playing habbo HOTEL
3 days later
kid-starts buying furni2months later
has wasted over $500

by TRIMZ July 15, 2006
A virtual website where perverts and creeps can talk to innocent childeren. It's a VERY addicting game. I, myself, was addicted to Habbo Hotel until my parents made me quit. Once I got off of it I found a lot of much better sites than Habbo Hotel. People can get so addicted that Habbo Hotel is soon there reality. When I was playing it I was so addicted that i would play it 24-7 day and night. I wouldn't talk to my friends, family, and I got bad grades in school. The things I hate about Habbo Hotel Is that people ask for others ASL's. A guy could say asl? and the girl would say 15.f.ny and he would say Oh me too. But sadly the fact is MOST of the people that do that is really 40 year old men. The other thing is that people get bf's and gf's over the web, it's so pathetic. The other thing is furni. People actually have to pay real money for pixilized furni. It's like throwing your money in the garbage can. The fact is that over the internet you really don't know who you are talking to over the internet unless you know them. It's really important when someone asks you something creepy to just get out of that situation which most people don't do. AND LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS FOR GOD SAKE.
Habbo hotel is very evil and a scam. MUCH BETTER THINGS TO DO
by Lisaa March 08, 2006
website where you can go and create ur own character, and go around places. Basically an interactive chatroom which your "mates" may try to get you to go on. Its a place where sad little girls or boys go to try and make friends, and ... dare i say it ... a bf/gf. Only for sadacts who cant socialise, or if u have nothing to do and want to laugh at townies.
"Omg I met the lushest boy on habbo, pete, he so lush"
by Prick #1 January 06, 2005
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