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A more awake version of stoned.
Person with at least half a brain: Man you look hazed,
Druggie: *grunt*
by Raverz June 09, 2006
uber + sexy/smexy = ubexy!

Guy 1: Dude, that girl is sexy! :P
Guy 2: Dude, thats Kat shes way more than sexy, shes ubexy!
by Raverz June 23, 2006
Uber + sexy/smexy = ubexy

Guy 1: Woah! That girl is way hot!
Guy 2: Dude, she uber sexy,
Guy 3: Thats Alice, shes ubexy!
by Raverz June 21, 2006
The ART of graffiting not randomly scralling your name or nickname on a wall. Graf is sometimes sold in speciallised shops.
Boy 1: Man that guys graf is awesome!
Boy 2: Yeah, he's been graffing it for an hour now
by Raverz June 04, 2006
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