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"Wow--the Nasdaq is tanking. HSF!"
by Sir Edmund Hound October 11, 2011
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HSF means Heavy Sarcastic Font, when writing on certain boards, there is no other way to denote sarcasm as the fonts cannot be changed. So HSF = Heavy Sarcastic Font
I think a nurse is as qualified as a physician. HSF.

sarcasm irony opposite day
by SMURFY123 December 21, 2012
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Heat Sink Fan.

Used in CPU cooling.
fag gamer: Man I've been smoking a pack of camels while playing BF2, and my HSF siezed up from all the ash.
ME: What happened then?
fag gamer: BF2 then crashed and my stats didn't update.
ME: boo fuking who.
by ministryofsound May 14, 2006
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Acronym for Hand Stapled to Forehead. A facetious melodramatic reference, probably originating from the stereotypical silent film heroine, who would roll her eyes and lift the back of her hand to her brow at a dramatic moment (usually prior to swooning). The "stapled" reference generally suggests that the dramatist's hand gets stuck in place, and it can be used as an insult or as an intentionally humorous melodramatic gesture.
Vladimir's okay, but he HSFs a lot.

Life is a meaningless misery. ::HSF::
by Emby Quinn October 22, 2003
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He's so fuckable...

A man so hot he'd be fuckable
Look at Jeff HSF...
by Crackhead McGee February 19, 2017
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