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HSF means Heavy Sarcastic Font, when writing on certain boards, there is no other way to denote sarcasm as the fonts cannot be changed. So HSF = Heavy Sarcastic Font
I think a nurse is as qualified as a physician. HSF.

sarcasm irony opposite day
by SMURFY123 December 21, 2012
Sitting back and letting someone else mislead and lie to others.
Don't let nurses Romneyize REAL doctors. Doctors who have actually completed medical school and residency training are far more qualified than a nurse to take care of you and your loved ones. Doctors will be taking care of Congress, why not YOU too.
by SMURFY123 March 04, 2013
fake doctor, a nurse or chiropractor who thinks she has the training and scope of practice of a medical physician
The phoctor said her community college anatomy class was equivalent to the Gross Anatomy class medical students took in medical school. The phoctor was sorely mistaken.

chiropractor nurse snake oil sufferring misdagnosis
by SMURFY123 December 20, 2012
Sitting back and allowing someone who fights dirty continue to fight dirty and lie and mislead the public
Don't let the nurses Romneyize REAL doctors. Fight fire with fire.
by SMURFY123 March 04, 2013

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