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hot lesbian action
Hey look man! two girls holding hands! probably going home soon for some HLA ;)
by derty May 30, 2004
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Acronym for Hot Lesbian Action.
Look at that muff diving! I love HLA!
by Ellen November 19, 2003
A botched angle that the WWE did and it means Hot Lesbian Action.
I suspect if Jenna and Gia aren't doing HLA when they go to their apartment at night.
by Rolento January 09, 2004
a an agle that almos cost WWE's deal with TNN(SPIKE tv) in September 2002

Gotta love some HLA, Hot Lesbian Action!
by Mike February 17, 2004
It stands for Hot, Lesbian, Action
" yo dude did you see them girls over behind the shed doing some HLA"
by Ironchief55 October 13, 2005
Hot Lesbian Action
"Did you see that H.L.A in Penthouse"
by unknown May 27, 2003

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