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7 definitions by Rolento

A botched angle that the WWE did and it means Hot Lesbian Action.
I suspect if Jenna and Gia aren't doing HLA when they go to their apartment at night.
by Rolento January 09, 2004
A totally hot dance team out of Leander, Texas, They perform for Leander High School dressed in traditional western/cowgirl style outfits. Sometimes often misjudged for being snobby, stuck up or mean but are in truth very sweet young women who are bright, charismatic, sweet and very intelligent and have a passion for dance.
"Mike and Luke were checking out the Blue Belle hotties in Leander.."
by Rolento August 20, 2005
A professional wrestler on the independant circuit. Blue Meanie is on myspace.com and was once brutally attacked by JBL. Worked for WWE until now.
"Blue Meanie was one the funniest CEW guys ever
by Rolento August 20, 2005
the description of the rare plush green Hulk doll that had a green penis sticking out ofits purple shorts
Paul Levesque sleeps with the Hulk Dong every nght
by Rolento January 09, 2004
1.the name of a character once protrayed by Adam Sandler of Saturday Night Live in the early 90's.

2.A derogotery term for Iraqi's or a general term used for people of arab and sometimes indian descent used in Texas.
"That store down the street uuse to be run by Mexicans but now it's been taken over and run by a bunch of those Iraqi Pete's!"
by Rolento November 04, 2005
a term for a colonel in the U.S. Air Force
That man over there at the pentagon is a full bird!
by Rolento November 06, 2003
The stuff that Paul Levesque buys and uses when he wants to party wih his friends in Evolution.
HHH Bought some lube that he was gonna use in a circle jerk with Randy Orton, Ric Flair and Batista.
by Rolento December 16, 2003