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the official mascot of the AIDS virus. "HIVy" is an HIV-positive blood drop that teaches children, in an fun and informative manner, the dangers of the AIDS virus and how to prevent it from entering your body.
"watch where you're crammin your privates!" - HIVy
by Gordo September 15, 2004
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Another way of saying HIV, said by Chris Turk from Scrubs. It is also a dance that kids do also said by Chris Turk from Scrubs.
Turk: She's got the HIVY?
Elliot: HIVY?
Turk: Yeah I heard somebody say it earlier. I always thought it sounded like a dance the kids do.
Turk: Do the HIVY, do the HIVY *dances*
Elliot: Like this? Do the HIVY do the HIVY *dances*
by John Johnjohnson April 01, 2009
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1. Like heavy, means really good. But in a hivy way.

2. When something is literally heavy. But in a hivy way.
1. Man, that is a hivy track.

2. I've just been been blazing some hivy hivy weights.
by bigdave December 30, 2003
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