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A god whose fans, the HIMalayans, worship. His every move, every smile, every sound, every show of passion on his face can cause one to be petrified by his radiant beauty. He is an angel that the Creator sent down from Heaven to earth, and on his way down the devil made him satanic and vampiric, but it seems the HIMalayans are in love with Valo for this very reason.
"You smiled like an angel fallen from gace..."
by InJoyNSorrow000 July 14, 2004
A Finnish goth metal band with music that is created with soul, inspiration, and devotion. Ville Valo is the hottest man on earth and also the singer/lyricist from HIM. The band with music that can change one's life with its infinite splendor. HIM has emotion, lyrics of feelings and thoughts, of love and hate, death and life, of beauty...
"From lashes to ashes
From lust to dust
In your sweetest torment
I'm lost
And no heaven can help us
Ready, willing, and able
To lose it all
For a kiss so fatal
And so worn..."
by InJoyNSorrow000 July 17, 2004

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