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(HIF) - Abbreviation for "How i feel". Commonly used to show one's reaction to a specific situation by making an analogy and posting some relevant gif to any social media
HIF when my girlfriend tells me to stop dancing at a party - "DEAL WITH IT BITCH!"
by pyrohue April 11, 2013
9 0
Helsingborgs Idrottsförening (HIF), (aka Skånes stolthet) since 1907 the proudest fotball club of the southern parts of Sweden. Henrik Larsson (former Feyenoord, Celtic, Barcelona, Manchester United) returned to HIF in 2006 and is probably the most well known player in the team.
Mitt hjärta bultar och slår för vårt HIF
by Plastbleking May 09, 2007
15 14
AKA: horny irish fuck...AKA: kyle

pronounced just as it is spelled not in seperate syllables (sp?) sounds like Hif not H-I-F
the other night kyle kept being such a hif!!!
by like i care June 01, 2006
10 10