The HFC stands for Holway Fighting Crew. This bunch of 'ard nuts go around the streets of Taunton trying to steal people's wallets or just trying to 'smack' as many people as possible. Despite these ways of intimidation all they've really done is thieve from the local corner shop and spray their HFC tag on walls around the area. So if you are visiting Taunton look out for white tracksuits and burberry hats, because they're well good innit.
'hey mate look, a greeb, let's get the HFC to bully him into giving us his wallet.
by swarkin July 09, 2006
Home For Cones
Dude, that was an awesome day, now I think I'm just going HFC.
by MrWheezyE October 29, 2011
1.Holy Fucking Cow! or Holy Fucking Christ!
2.An expletive used with exclamation or extreme incredulty.
3.Often used in sequence with JFC or WTF either as antecedent or resultant; the former as to express incredulity and latter to express exclamation or disappointment.
HFC! Retarblicans think global warming is an opinion! JFC!
by ad-92129 August 27, 2011
HFC is an abrevation for How Fucking Cute. It was made up by some slovene dude.

It is used to express great cuteness
mary: My kitty just licked my figner
joe: hfc
by Swizec January 11, 2006
An acronym for Holway Fighting Crew. The toughest street gang in the Taunton area has many different areas of petty crime from graffiti to assaulting old ladies and thieving from the local corner shop. Although they sound menacing these ankle biters are really not as bad as they sound. HFC!!! BLRATTT
I got robbed by HFC last night matey
by hugh entwhistle July 03, 2006
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