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A place where you have to love cow fucking and four wheelers must go snow mobiling every weekend and forget about your people in the city. must have one tattoo which you will undoubtably regret. i.e a stick shift. Must own mutiple things with engines. also must think that Everett is ghetto.

an added value is always being drunk
i am from hampstead p yahhh
by booomshaka March 04, 2008
21 11
A town in New Hampshire where nothing goes on, and is filled with stuck up shits
Hey.. you wanna go cow ipping in Hampstead?
by zac hansons gal July 29, 2004
66 36
High-rent area of North West London, too close to Camden for some residents' liking. Mostly inhabited by young families, famous people and a few too many Americans. Lots of expensive shops and restaurants.
'Daaaahling, shall we go to Hampstead for brunch, yah?'
by summer March 31, 2005
42 26
London rhyming slang meaning "teeth". Hampstead Heath - Teeth.
I'm going down the dentists to get me hampsteads checked
by Kieran Macdonald Hall October 30, 2006
12 1
Hampstead is a small town located in Carroll County, Maryland. It has slowly changed from a humble farm town to a nearly ghetto, half-ass city.

Hampstead goes by many names such as Mexistead, Hellstead, Hickstead, etc.

It is part of the small city trinity in Carroll County. Most people living here chill in Hampstead, Manchester, and/or Westminster; and, everyone knows each other.

Manchester is known as Mexichester.

Westminster is known as Westmonster, or the redneck, wanna be version of Baltimore City.
It ain't Hampstead, dude; it's Hellstead.
by J-Bird Spice December 15, 2010
16 9