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A scantily clad woman at the gym who is there solely to meet men. Similar to a bimbo but found only at gyms.
Today I saw a gymbo on a treadmill that was so desperate to talk to a guy walking by, she slipped and totally ate it.
by Sethington June 10, 2008
A male gym enthusiast who is significantly lacking in commonsense, competence and knowledge.

This supposedly alpha-male is one who over compensates for his social inadequacies by focussing on his physcial appearance by means of gym-based exercise regimes.
That dude is such a gymbo!
by GiannaMayo June 21, 2010
A man or a woman who treats the gym as a social scene to pick up other men or women.
Jenna is always flirting with guys at her gym. She ends up going out on dates with them just like a true gymbo.
by Dr.Kam July 10, 2008
The state of limbo at a fitness facility where you are waiting for a piece of equipment that someone else is using and you have nothing else to do.
That guy will not get off the squat rack. I've been in gymbo for 5 minutes!
by richard bullard barnes October 17, 2012
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