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A man or a woman who treats the gym as a social scene to pick up other men or women.
Jenna is always flirting with guys at her gym. She ends up going out on dates with them just like a true gymbo.
by Dr.Kam July 10, 2008
A female of hispanic origin who is not married, above 35 years old, frequents clubs, gyms and other social hangouts to pick up younger men, usually for her sexual satisfaction.
That cougarita I met last night moved her body in ways I had never imagined existed.
by Dr.Kam June 22, 2008
A woman who is otherwise thin but has a small belly usually from the consumption of alcohol
Lauren is really skinny but when she wore that bikini at the fourth of july BBQ, you could see her alky pooch.
by Dr.Kam July 04, 2008
pronounced Fuh-dasha, when u are too tired to say "Fuck that shit".
Coworker: "Tom, I know you have worked 2 shifts in a row but do you mind working the weekend for me, too?"

Tom: "Fudasha! I'm exhausted"
by Dr.Kam August 03, 2009

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